Pro Git

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Become a pro git user, and learn how to use it effectively at your work.

There won't be any B.S. Your time won't be wasted on every niche feature that are only occasionally useful. Instead, you'll only cover what you need every day.


  • How to think about using Git
  • Editors and Git UIs
  • Atomic commits
  • Good commit messages
  • Commit only certain lines
  • Add changes to the last commit
  • Add changes to any commit
  • Conflicts
  • Force push (with lease)

About me:

  • 👋 My name is Andrew Huth.
  • I've been developing web apps professionally for over 10 years.
  • My expertise is in React, TypeScript, and frontend engineering.

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You'll get 13 videos helping you become an expert at effective Git

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Pro Git

0 ratings
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